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Sanchai Centre Nederland is the expression of a passion for Chinese culture aiming the diffusion of traditional martial arts in accordance with the Chinese principles and methods. Our traditional martial arts school is located in Amsterdam Oud-West and is a branch of Wushu Sancai Institute based in Barcelona under the direction of Shifu Carlos García.

The classes are addressed to everybody, no particular physical condition is required, just patience, discipline, passion, and especially willingness to change. We offer sustainable practice and open workshops accessible also for beginners. The quality of the education relies on a lineage of great masters and the experience of our teachers. Learn at your own pace in a friendly environment.

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The term wushu is Chinese for martial arts (wu 武 military or martial, and shu 术 art). Traditional wushu - improperly known as kungfu - is more than sport or self-defence. It is hundreds of years of knowledge transmitted from one generation of great masters to another. It implies the study of jibengong (basics training), taolu (solo and partnered forms), qigong and weapon training.


Qigong means "life energy cultivation" ( 氣 life energy, and gōng 功 cultivation or work) and is used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training. Traditional wushu styles have its own qigong exercises, which are essential to strengthen the body, cultivate qi and purify shen (spirit).

Individual or corporate training

Stress adversely impacts health and is associated with an increased incidence of anxiety and mood disorders and impairments of functioning in every organ system of the body. In the workplace, it declines job productivity and increases absenteeism. We offer tailored private and workplace trainings to manage stress and improve overall health.